Vintage VSA500 
Vintage VSA500 comes in 6 body colors, and stunning 12 string versions.

From Bluesters and Big Banders to Bubblegum and Britpoppers, the sonorous voice of the semi acoustic has endeared itself to players of varying styles throughout the history of the electrified guitar. Sporting two WOCHB double coil pickups, the


Vintage VSA500 is equally adept when comping smooth jazz accompaniments as it is singing out single note blues lines, while its chambered body carries the sound of strummed chords all the way to the back row and beyond.


Whether you're searching for your first guitar or your last, every member of the Vintage ReIssued Series is a keeper. Play on.

VSA500MP 2.jpg

VSA500 Maple body and Maple top provides resonance, tone and ‘correct weight’ comfort. The Vintage VSA500 features a unique, evolutionary, offset double cut body shape, ingeniously-designed offset heel and enhanced treble side cutaway providing improved access to the upper reaches of the fretboard. The VSA500 has a Mahogany neck has a soft C’ profile for instant comfort, speed, accuracy and great feel.

VSA500- 12 String versions.
VSA500 - Cherry Red - VSA500CR
VSA500 - Gloss Black -w/Gold Hardware - VSA500GBK
VSA500 - Twin W90 - Natural Maple - VSA500PM
VSA500 - Honey Burst- VSA500HB
VSA500 - Natural Maple - VSA500MP
VSA500 - Twin W90 - Sunburst - VSA500PSB
VSA500 - Sunburst - VSA500SB
VSA500 - Walnut - VSA500W
VSA500 - Sunburst 12 String- VSA500SB-12
VSA500 - Cherry Red 12 String- VSA500CR-12
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