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       5th Crown Music Limited is a 100% Canadian Content based record label that supports, promotes and manages Canadian Artists & Bands. We have a unique business approach that seeks to return as much of the artist's music revenue as possible. 

       5th Crown Music provides record label support without the inefficient overhead that traditional record labels typically ask their artists to fund through reduced royalties and high fees.

       We are passionate about enabling our acts to reach their potential both in Canada and in International markets, we actively look for opportunities for our acts to earn in the wider world. 

       5th Crown Music is a growing, active and positive label providing professional business management and operational consulting to independent artists and bands. 

       We opened our doors in March 2018 and we are getting a reputation within the singer songwriter and music owner community as the go to label. 5th Crown Music has art and artist management in our DNA, it’s what we do and why we do it. 


       5th Crown Music is known as the company to talk to develop young and aspiring artists. Our team of musicians, song writers, and performers deliver tailored lessons, coaching, and mentoring to help our artists achieve their musical goals. 

       We provide our acts marketing, management and technical expertise normally reserved to artists signed to a major label, but we do so at a fraction of the cost.

       5th Crown Music was named after the 5th level of human attainment, Art. The 5 levels are Life, Love, Family, Society, and Art. Within Art there are 5 ascending levels Sculpture, Painting, Language, Literature, and the Humankind Crowning achievement is Music.



SHANE CLOUTIER - Head of Music

Shane has been a professional musician for over 20 years; performing, recording, writing, arranging, and is in high demand as an educator & coach. Shane is able to balance teaching, with a deep passion for creating his own original music. His first solo album “In Light” received international attention in 2018 reaching #5 on folk charts. He is building on the success of "In Light' and the hit single 'Shape of Me' with his new album 'Red Wagon' released June 7, 2019. 


Shane provides artistic and music business guidance, through his teaching and as an active mentor to many Canadian musicians. Shane's musical skills and experience enables those he works with to save time, money, and develop their craft beyond the level they could attain without his guidance. Shane knows the value of learning from others as he has the privilege of being mentored by the guitar legend Frank Marino. Frank's knowledge of the music industry has been an invaluable resource as Shane continues to progress his career. Shane’s philosophy on music and the music business aligns perfectly with his 5th Crown co-founder Pete Breadmore.  


PETER BREADMORE - Head of Operations

Pete Breadmore has over 30 years of business and management consulting experience. Pete's career has always centered on providing leadership, direction, and encouragement to all his clients. Pete's business ethos has always been that the client’s needs come first, and this has proven successful in building innovative businesses in both Europe and North America. 


Pete is an entrepreneur by nature and saw an opportunity in 2011 to be a supplier to one of the biggest record labels in the world. Pete built his company from nothing, into a team of 28, managing the release of thousands of albums across the World. After moving to Canada, Pete saw how difficult it is for Canadian Artists to afford the business support they needed, or to find the time to develop their music & talent. 


Realising there was a gap in the Canadian market, for a record label that places the artist at the centre of the operation, early in 2018, Shane & Pete opened 5th Crown Music. Pete provides left brain thinking of practical business sense and Shane provides right brain musical talent and artistic innovation. In early 2019 they were lucky enough to meet Hanna Cameron.



HANNA CAMERON - Artist Relations Manager

Hanna Cameron has a passion for music and the Canadian music industry. Music has always been a dominant force in her life as she grew up and deep down she always knew it was her calling. She is currently following her dreams and is a student at Durham College in the Music Business Management program. She is surrounded by many music industry professionals and is truly learning from the best. 


Her experience has provided 5th Crown with some new insight to help achieve their goals. She has gained much experience over the past two years. This includes working as Manager of Breakthru Events, a Project Manager for Oshawa Music Week, and a volunteer with CMW and the organization Girls Behind the Rock Show. Along with her studies and all of this experience Hanna has chosen to join 5th Crown to help the team grow and expand into the go-to label for artists to get the affordable support that they deserve. 

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